How the Cell LinQ Meter + App Helps You Work More Effectively

It's essential to measure signal strength accurately in commercial properties and large facilities to develop effective system designs. However, manually recording both the results of your site survey and data about nearby cell towers is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Wilson Electronics realizes how important it is for integrators to collect accurate information in a timely manner during each new site survey. In an effort to ensure that this process runs smoothly, Wilson recently acquired SignalTeQ, creator of the Cell LinQ signal meter and app. The Cell LinQ Pro is one of the most advanced signal meters available on the market and an indispensable tool.

It helps professional integrators, installers and passive DAS system designers:

The Cell LinQ Pro system consists of a sophisticated and easy-to-use signal meter with an antenna. This signal meter works seamlessly with an app you install on your iOS or Android device.

Access Detailed Cell Tower Information

The Cell LinQ Pro goes a step further than most signal meters — providing details about nearby cell towers that are critical for your system designs. This includes maps of carrier towers with information about signal quality and the bands each carrier is using.

Simplify Data Capture

Many signal meters require you to record measurements manually, but the Cell LinQ Pro captures data collected on your site survey — saving you time and ensuring accuracy. Using a Bluetooth connection, the signal meter sends the measurements to the app on your phone or tablet. You can add notes and export the information in a user-friendly reporting format to develop your installation plans.

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How to Use the Cell LinQ Signal Meter and App

This powerful, sophisticated tool is also intuitive and easy to use. Here's how you can do your job more quickly and effectively and enhance the satisfaction of your customers:

1. Download and Create an Account

Once you've purchased the Cell LinQ signal meter, download the app for free from the Apple or Google Play stores. It can be used on iOS or Android smartphones or a cellular-connected tablet. To set up the app, create an account with your name, company, and email. Be sure to include the registration code from your purchase.

2. Provide Permissions

You must enable the app to access your location so that Cell LinQ can provide carrier tower information when you're in the field. You must also allow Bluetooth access in order to pair the app to the signal meter.

3. Take Signal Measurements

Cell LinQ comes with an omnidirectional antenna that can be:

Timestamps are added to the survey results to help you more easily perform A/B comparisons.

4. Locate Carrier Towers

To locate cell phone towers within range of the signal meter's antenna, open the Cell LinQ app on your device and press the scan button. When you see a rotating icon on the screen, the meter is in the process of collecting data.

The Cell LinQ app delivers sophisticated information. You can:

5. Download, Save, and Export Information

Cell LinQ lets you capture the information from your site survey and save it to the cloud. You can retrieve this data later when putting together an installation plan, streamlining your work and saving valuable time.

Cell LinQ enables you to:

What's Included in a Cell LinQ Signal Meter Kit


Easy to use right out of the box, the Cell LinQ Pro Meter kit contains:

You can upgrade to a hard-shell case that includes additional accessories:

The Cell LinQ app can be downloaded for free with the registration code included in your purchase.

Use the Cell LinQ Meter + App on Your Next Project

Contact us today to find out more about the capabilities of the Cell LinQ Meter + App and how it delivers the dependable data you need to create, install, and validate cell signal amplifier systems.

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