Commercial Boosters

Why do I have poor cell signal in my building?

Today even the strongest cell signals have trouble finding their way through the concrete, stonework, brick, insulation, coated glass and metal used to construct modern energy efficient homes, offices, retail and other buildings. WilsonPro cellular amplifiers detect the available signal outside the building, bring that signal inside and amplify it, and then distribute the amplified signal throughout the building, assuring strong, reliable cell coverage wherever and whenever your customers need it.

Who can benefit from a commercial cell phone booster?

Commercial boosters are beneficial for businesses and buildings that have slow data speeds, poor call quality and are in need of a solution. These businesses include large office buildings, retail stores, manufacturing warehouses and more. Our commercial cell boosters are perfect for large commercial spaces of 100,000 square feet in size or more.

How do commercial signal boosters work?

Commercial boosters, also known as commercial cell phone repeaters, will detect any existing signal in the area, amplify that detected signal, and then rebroadcast the boosted signal throughout the commercial property or building. Commercial grade cell phone boosters help boost the signal to and from the cell towers in the area, creating a secure connection, broad coverage for the users, and a more reliable way to talk, text and use data when on commercial property.

Why choose a WilsonPro commercial cell phone booster?

WilsonPro commercial amplifiers use the latest cell signal boosting innovations. When you purchase one of our boosters, you know you are getting a high-quality product you can trust. The Enterprise products are centered around the all-new Multi-Tower Targeting technology. This technology works through the different outdoor antennas helping dedicate each to a different frequency. By placing each separate antenna on a different frequency, this allows you to amplify signals from multiple cell towers in the area. 


One of WilsonPro commercial cell boosters' best features is called the WilsonPro Cloud, which allows office managers, integrators and commercial property owners to manage, monitor, and adjust the boost from a remote location by using any device, smartphone, or tablet. This feature allows you to control the booster and monitor all daily usage easily. Each WilsonPro commercial cell phone booster is a tailored solution created with you in mind. They come equipped with a custom system design perfect for your commercial needs. You can be assured you are purchasing a reliable product with our 3-year warranty on each booster system. Our products are also assembled and shipped from a U.S. facility.


Enterprise 4300

SKU: 460152F

The Enterprise 4300 is the most powerful in-building cell signal amplifier in its class. Offering Multi-Tower Targeting technology, four independently controlled indoor antenna ports to maximize coverage up to 100,000 sq. ft. and wired or LTE access to the WilsonPro Cloud.


Enterprise 4300R

SKU: 460153F

The rack-mount version of our groundbreaking Enterprise 4300R in-building cell signal amplifier. Features the industry-first Multi-Tower Targeting technology and 4 indoor antenna ports to enhance coverage up to 100,000 sq. ft. Built for wired or LTE access to the WilsonPro Cloud.


Enterprise 1300

SKU: 460149F

The Enterprise 1300 represents the latest in cell signal boosting technology. An in-building cell signal amplifier featuring three outdoor antenna ports to target multiple carrier towers at once. Built for wired or LTE access to the WilsonPro Cloud. Enhances cell coverage up to 40,000 sq. ft.


Enterprise 1300R

SKU: 460150F

The rack-mount version of our innovative Enterprise 1300 in-building cell signal amplifier. Features the industry-first three outdoor antenna port configuration to target multiple carrier towers. Built for wired or LTE access to the WilsonPro Cloud. Enhances cell coverage up to 40,000 sq. ft.

Pro 1050

SKU: 460230F

The WilsonPro 1050 cellular amplifer provides significantly enhanced voice and data coverage deep inside large homes or other buildings by compensating for signal loss caused by long cable runs.

Pro 710i Image

Pro 710i

SKU: 650064

The Pro 710i is our first-ever 5G-specific cellular signal amplifier. It’s engineered exclusively for Band 71; a 600MHz low-frequency spectrum of 5G used in select areas by TELES and Rogers. Pro 710i is added on to other WilsonPro systems or as an amplifier on its own.

Network 257 Image

Network 257

SKU: 460069

The Wilson Network 257 is the ideal repeater solution extending 5G mmWave outside cellular coverage on any mobile network.

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