Cell LinQ Pro Meter Soft Case

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Cell LinQ Pro Meter Soft Case ImageCell-LinQ-Pro-Meter-Soft-Case-Open-WebCell-Linq-Signal-Meter-App-Videohttps://assets.wilsonelectronics.com/m/294d2e4b901dcffb/original/Cell-LinQ-Pro-Meter-Soft-Case-RightCell-LinQ-Pro-Signal-Meter-Left-Angled-Antenna-Webhttps://assets.wilsonelectronics.com/m/60355e3fc3925697/original/Cell-LinQ-Pro-Signal-Meter-Top-Web.Cell-LinQ-Pro-Signal-Meter-and-Antenna-WebCell-LinQ-Pro-Signal-Meter-Cable-WebCell-LinQ-Pro-Signal-Meter-Antenna-Web
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Product Description

Cell LinQ Pro Meter Soft Case

This product has been discontinued. The newer version is Cell LinQ Pro Meter Hard Case (910055).

State-of-the-art engineering enables access to accurate information required to effectively design, install and validate performance for various types of cellular amplifier systems, all at the touch of a button.

The LinQ meter app works in tandem with the meter and allows you to view, tune and store 3G and 4G tower data and carriers. A survey is performed by linking the Cell LinQ meter to the Cell LinQ app via Bluetooth on either an iOS or Android supported device.

Key Features

  • Multi-Generation LTE, Cellular, AWS and PCS Scanner

  • Live mode for fine tuning single or multiple cells

  • Identifies active carriers

  • Identifies active carriers

  • Generation and carrier filters

  • Geo-mapping of all active cells within scan range

  • 4G Signal Strength (RSRP) and Signal Quality (RSRQ)

  • 3G Signal Strength (RSCP) and Signal Quality (EC/IO)

  • Details Location, Tower ID, Downlink Frequency, Distance to Tower

  • Capture, store and export all scan results

  • Powerful project management features

  • Survey results time stamps for A/B comparisons

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