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Whole Foods Market relies on WilsonPro for sustainable cell signal connectivity

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Starting out as a small, Austin, TX grocery in 1980, Whole Foods Market is recognized today as the undisputed world leader in the sale of natural and organic foods—running 499 stores and employing thousands of team members throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Much of their success comes from the dynamic environment each Whole Foods provides for its customers and employees; which includes a purposeful, mobile-friendly shopping experience.


Square Footage

25,000 sq. ft.




The Challenge

Strengthen signal, retain infrastructure.

At Whole Foods Market, customers often make purchases with phone in hand—relying on the store’s mobile site or app to check on weekly sales and Prime Member Deals through Amazon.

Weak cell signal threatened this ecosystem. However, many Whole Foods locations are part of a multi-story or mixed-use development—preventing any changes that alter adjacent buildings.


The Solution

quotesWhole Foods chose WilsonPro not only from a price perspective, but realistically speaking for the expectation they had for coverage… a lot of times, there would be a residential dwelling just above (the store) and other factors to consider.

— Justin Latham, WilsonPro Design Consultant

The Results

Benefits of WilsonPro

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Achieved by placing a rooftop antenna 20 stories above the store—without a direct cable pathway.

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Contractors working on last-minute details before a grand opening benefitted from reliable cell signal.

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Employees now focus more on delighting customers instead of handling connectivity issues or Wi-Fi logins.

With WilsonPro as a solution provider, Whole Foods Market overcame its issues with weak cell signal—all without the need reconfigure store layouts or limit the selection of future locations.

After a successful pilot installation at one of its New York City locations, Whole Foods Market has installed WilsonPro systems in approximately 27 stores (and counting) across the nation.

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