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a person wearing a suit uses a smartphone for office productivity

Smartphone use is expected to double by 2026 when compared to 2016 user figures, adding more than 3.6 billion users globally. Businesses can bet that most, if not all, of their employees use cellular-connected devices on a regular basis, and that includes the office.

In fact, employers may count on employees to bring their own devices to access important apps and other services. Whether or not that’s the case, installing a cell signal repeater in a commercial office building can help support productivity and efficiency in business operations. Find out more below.

What Is a Business Cellular Repeater?

A cell signal repeater is a device that amplifies any cell signal coming into a location. While it doesn’t create signal, it will make a weak signal much more useful. This can be important in business locations where the building’s materials, the surrounding landscape, or the distance to the nearest cell towers make signal weak.

5 Benefits of Installing a Cell Signal Repeater in Business Locations

A cell phone repeater installed in a business location does much more than power up the signal in that area. It can actually power productivity for on-site teams. Check out these five ways a cell signal repeater can benefit efficiency and productivity.

1. Clearer Calls Support Better Authority and Efficiency

a business person uses a smartphone because clearer calls support better authority and efficiency

There are few things quite as annoying as a clipped voice call or conversation that drops out mid-sentence. When one of the people on the other line is a customer, poor communication can cost businesses money. When relying on cell phones and other cellular devices for client or customer communication, a dropped call could lose the sale. It might also result in poor word-of-mouth that impacts future sales.

Clear communication also supports efficiency. When people aren’t repeating themselves or calling each other back, they can get more done. It also cuts down on the chances for miscommunication, which can lead to errors and other productivity issues.

2. Faster Uploads and Downloads Enhance Worker Productivity

a smartphone uploading data to a cloud shows that faster uploads and downloads enhance worker productivity

Around 87% of employers rely on their staff’s ability to use personal mobile devices when accessing company apps or other work-critical information. When cellular signal is lackluster, slow uploads and downloads make that a frustrating proposition. In many cases, a slow signal can cause timeouts, which leaves team members repeating the same processes to get a single result.

Improving in-building signal speeds up processes on mobile devices, driving wins for productivity. Plus, it can increase employee morale because team members are able to get tasks done quickly, which makes it more likely they can meet goals and reduce burnout.

3. Employees Can Handle Communication and Tasks From Their Desks

a businessperson uses at cell phone at a desk because employees can handle communication and tasks from their desks

Remember the infamous cell phone network commercials where a man walks around repeating, “Can you hear me now?” That’s not a scene any employer wants playing out the office. Employees roaming the hallways or fighting over the one conference room that gets a good signal is bad for productivity, morale, and business.

Cellular repeaters can help solve this problem by ensuring a stronger signal throughout the commercial space. This can be especially important in larger buildings. If a business campus is large enough, one end of the building might get a good signal while another suffers. Alternatively, employees who work in the middle interior of the building might not get great signal because frequencies from the towers have to pass through too many walls and other barriers before reaching those work spaces.

Strategic placement of repeater technology throughout the business ensures employees can use mobile devices more effectively at their own desks.

4. Faster, More Efficient Connections Get People Back to Work Faster

a person types on a laptop because faster, more efficient connections get people back to work faster

Any employer who is honest with themselves admits that team members aren’t just using mobile devices for work during business hours. People are probably checking their personal email, making calls to others, or scrolling Facebook for a few minutes here and there.

Certainly, employers want to limit this type of behavior to enhance productivity, but many companies realize there’s a benefit to allowing staff the ability to keep up with personal communications throughout the day. If someone knows their kids can reach out easily via a text or call, for example, they’re more likely to have peace of mind that lets them attend to their work with greater passion and detail.

That being said, if cell signal is weak, those personal connections might take longer than expected. Disconnected calls, slow connections, and apps that take forever to update are just some reasons people might spend more time than necessary handling personal business.

A cell signal repeater helps increase efficiency for personal tasks as well as business ones. That ensures team members get back to work faster.

5. Vendors and Business Partners Can Better Access Their Own Tools

a business person uses a tablet with a colleague because vendors and business partners can better access their own tools

Better connections can also enhance meetings and partnership work. When business partners or vendors are on site to work out project details, present new products, or troubleshoot existing equipment, they may need to use their mobile devices to access information or complete work. Stronger signals make that more possible, supporting more positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Get Cell Signal Repeaters for Your Business Today

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WilsonPro offers a wide range of cellular repeaters for business and enterprise use. Shop options that provide coverage for healthcare organizations, manufacturing environments, educational campuses, and many other types of large commercial spaces.

When you shop WilsonPro repeaters, you can be sure that you’re improving signals for everyone in your building. That’s because our products are carrier agnostic. If there’s any relevant signal in your location, the repeater will pick up on it and amplify it for enhanced connections and better productivity regardless of your employees’ cell phone provider.

Contact us today to find out more about our products or to speak to a member of our team. We’ll help you get to the bottom of connectivity issues in your business.

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