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Introducing the 4330

Power and versatility
engineered for the most
challenging connectivity environments.

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First BDA solution to combine wideband
advantages and bandwidth with the flexibility
to channelize in a single unit.

Aggregates carriers across bands for
enhanced 5G capability.

Optimizes signal strength and quality in
any environment, for any carrier.

Maximizes performance and gains
without wasteful power consumption.

Enterprise 4330

So much can get in the way of connectivity today, from building or cell tower infrastructure to the growing number of devices and applications competing for signal. Do you have what it takes to solve these complex connectivity challenges? The 4330 does.

Spec Sheet
Wilson Pro 4330

spec sheet
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Now organizations can have a future-ready, affordable solution for managing evolving connectivity challenges. It not only lowers upfront implementation and system costs, but ongoing total cost of ownership (TCO), too.

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The 4330 is part of our scalable connectivity architecture.

Our exclusive connected architecture uses open design, modularity, and proprietary technology. Our DAS solutions can easily add new capabilities and scale to cover any size building or campus without compromise.

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4330 blade

The Enterprise 4330 manages multiple bands, channels,
and modes in one component.

Continuous Scanning for Optimization

XDR technology continuously performs environmental scanning to detect and optimize variances in signal strength across all five bands (low band spectrum) throughout North America.

Fine-tune in Wideband or Channelized Mode

Flex-mode configuration can be configured in both wideband and channelized modes to optimize signal strength and quality in any environment, for any carrier.

Exclusive Signal Optimization

In channelized mode, software defined filtering individually and dynamically optimizes specified channels on each band to the greatest signal strength authorized by the FCC.

Peak Network Performance

Peak network performance and total reliability across all carrier channels—not just a few for enhanced 5G capability.

Highly Adaptable. Highly Flexible.

Now you can manage multiple bands and channels, optimize individual carriers or aggregate multiple North American carriers across all bands, and amplify signals with all network generations.

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Precision Technology

The Enterprise 4330 is designed for a continuous, precision signal in any environment and on any band or channel, providing the highest level of confidence in system performance.

Continuously Monitor Performance with WilsonPro Cloud

Our industry-leading cloud platform, WilsonPro Cloud, allows you to monitor the Enterprise 4330 remotely for optimal uptime.

Receive alerts, perform re-configurations due to macro network changes, do resets, turn specific bands on and off, and more.

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Our Exclusive Technology

We have exclusive or "invented-first" technology in practically every aspect of our DAS solutions that allow for continuous identification and optimization of signal strength in every part of your building or facility as needed.

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XDR - eXtended Dynamic Range technology:

Ensures gains are optimized up and down, so network overload or amplifier shutdowns are avoided.

Interface Designed for Performance:

While competitive products just have LED "blink" indicators, the Enterprise 4330 has a full performance, color touch LCD display. This makes it easier to install and see how the unit is functioning to ensure peak performance.

Precise Channel Optimization:

Using our new, exclusive precision channel optimizing technology, you can continuously optimize signal strength and quality of each individual or contigous channel on all 5 (low range) bands.

Adaptable Use Modes:

Because each environment is different, we give you the option to configure each band in either wideband or channelized mode, based on signal strength.

Dynamic Scanning:

Continuously scans the macro network environment, detecting performance gaps in outdoor signal strength across each individual channel within all 5 bands (12/17, 13, 5, 4, 25).

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