Improving Efficiency with a Signal Booster

After the cell signal booster installation, Cricut saw a big difference in signal strength. “We really appreciate the fact that our cell coverage now works and we don’t have to think about it,” said Petersen. “We are just very happy that we have no impediments to getting our job done and people can work efficiently.”

The Cricut team can now reach their creative community and complete their day-to-day tasks without weak signal getting in their way. “We all just use our cell phones. It’s just easier that way. We always have them with us,” said Courtney Haymond, a Social Media Outreach Specialist for Cricut. Miranda Oliver, a Human Resources Generalist for the craft company added, “Now that the cell phones are working a lot better and have better service, it’s really been able to increase the amount of work that we do because we can make those calls and we don’t have to worry about going to a different floor, or even going outside to make a call. We can just make it right here, which obviously saves time and allows us to get a lot more done too.”

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