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Over the years it’s taken to become the world’s most popular social network, Facebook seems to understand the importance of connectivity.

Since 2006, it began as an easy way for people to keep in touch with family and reconnect with friends. In time, Facebook became the go-to method for everyone to share photos and videos, send messages, get news, and post status updates on a daily basis.

Today, the social networking giant is one of the preferred venues for savvy businesses to closely target a desired audience; delivering ads directly to those most likely to buy their products.

Averaging 2 billion monthly visitors, it becomes easy to see why data is important to Facebook.

After a $750 million investment and almost two years in the making, the company opened its newest US data center in New Albany—just outside Columbus, OH. As expected, the building met the criteria of a state-of-the-art tech facility. That is, with the exception of cell coverage.

The Challenge

For Facebook’s 100+ computer engineers in Ohio, access to their own cellular data was the challenge.

Throughout a typical workday, it was nearly impossible to get a reliable cell signal while inside the data center. Without consistent in-building coverage, calls were never received, texts could not be sent, emails could not be read, and smartphones quickly became useless objects.

With its metal roof and conductive-material structure, the 44,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility was one giant Faraday Cage—blocking out the reception and transmission of radio frequencies.

The workaround for this problem was to make calls outside—often in the rain or snow. Others would simply wait until they left the building at the end of the workday; experiencing a barrage of texts, notifications, emails, and voice mails the moment they would finally get cell signal.  

Given the lack of cell phone reception inside the building, complaints were made, and it was obvious a solution was needed.

They came across WilsonPro Repeater Systems as a viable and cost-effective solution for their cell coverage issues. 

The installation would need to take place around the employees as they worked. Plus, with Turner Construction on site to expand the facility’s size, it would prove more difficult. Being OSHA minded, safety protocols were key.

Still, installing a WilsonPro Repeater System was the most viable option.

The Solution

Denver-based Illuminati Labs, one of WilsonPro’s premier certified installers was selected for the installation at Facebook’s data center in Albany, OH. They worked closely with Turner Construction, the general contractor for the data center, to ensure OSHA compliance.


In addition to working around Facebook’s staff using scissor lifts, night shifts were added to complete the install—a time when fewer employees at the 24/7 facility would be around.

Illuminati Labs designed their solution using a WilsonPro Repeater System to cover the 40,000 sq. ft. office building area within the massive data center where Facebook housed its servers. Despite the challenges of working around employees, the job was completed on schedule.

The Results

Facebook’s engineers didn’t want disruption, but they definitely wanted better cell coverage. Illuminati Labs and WilsonPro were able to successfully deliver on both.

The change in cell signal quality was obvious the moment the WilsonPro system was turned on.

People could sit at their desks or offices to text, make calls, or browse the internet with ease on their phones. Likewise, calls, texts, and emails were also received without ever having to leave the building. The frustrations of weak or nonexistent cell signal were now a thing of the past.

“It has been great. There have been zero complaints of dropped calls,” said Chris Redding, the Information Services Engineer at Turner Construction.

WilsonPro Repeater Systems work with all carriers and instantly boost signal in an office space. Contact us to see how we can help you with your in-building cell coverage.

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