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Fleet Management Weekly spotlights how Wilson Electronics empowers the fleet industry to succeed through enhanced cellular connectivity.

Cellular connectivity is essential for fleet owners and managers to meet the ever-changing demands of modern business. As the number-one provider of all-carrier IOT technology, Wilson Electronics is passionate about helping fleets stay connected. As our very own, Terri Titas Wolcott explains, enhanced cellular connectivity empowers fleet drivers and managers to optimize their fleets, optimize their safety, and optimize their productivity.

Fueling Fleet Success

Like most sectors, the fleet management industry faced new and evolving hurdles to their operations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In efforts to overcome these roadblocks, fleet managers turned to technology to help them navigate the road ahead. Connectivity and in-vehicle telematics take a front seat in enabling the fleet industry to increase efficiency, boost driver productivity, and improve safety.

Telematics enables fleet owners to monitor drivers, maintain fleet analytics, and track expenses. With a host of cellular-connected devices installed in fleet vehicles, both fleet managers and drivers have a lot to lose when their cellular signal drops out, including reduced ROI. Fleet vehicles often take drivers through urban, interstate and remote areas where it can be difficult to receive a reliable cell signal. Moreover, increasing reliance on mobile data during the pandemic has caused cellular towers to become overloaded — resulting in slower connection speeds.

In light of current circumstances, more and more fleet owners are seeking solutions to the problem of poor cell signal. Really, this is where our line of commercial cellular signal boosters for fleet shines. 

Empowering Fleets to Stay Connected

Our in-vehicle cellular signal boosters work to keep your fleet connected and safe. Our fleet solutions enable accurate tracking, improve driver safety, minimize “telematics ghosting”, and optimize fleet productivity.  The Drive Reach Fleet reaches the farthest towers and connects your fleet vehicle to the strongest available cellular signal. In our cellular-enabled world, enhancing cellular connectivity is essential to maintaining productive, uninterrupted operations. 

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