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Extend Your Reach.

The industrial Pro 1050 is engineered as an inline solution to compensate for signal loss in long cable runs.
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Provide coverage in hard-to-reach areas, such as utility and equipment rooms. The WilsonPro Pro 1050’s two repeater system is engineered to compensate for signal loss in up to 300 feet of Wilson400 coaxial cable.
Pro 1050
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Conquer Cable Runs.

When long cable runs make it difficult for a cellular signal repeater to adequately amplify coverage, the Pro 1050 is the answer. Engineered to enhance coverage over long distances, this repeater is an ideal add-on.

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Extend 5G

Amplify low-band 5G and compensate for signal loss with the Pro 1050.

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Scalable Amplification

Add the Pro 1050 to an existing WilsonPro system or install it as a standalone solution.

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Enhance Coverage

Compensate for signal loss in long cable runs and improve coverage in hard-to-reach areas.

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Immediate ROI

This affordable repeater can be installed in a matter of days with minimal disruption. 

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