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Business Amplified. The Enterprise 4300.

The award-winning repeater is loaded with patented tech features that have made the Enterprise 4300 our best-selling solution.
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The WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 is an industrial-grade, in-building cellular repeater that amplifies every network, including low-band 5G. Efficiently optimize coverage by taking advantage of the industry-first design that allows for up to 3 donor antenna ports on a single repeater. Managed services are available with WilsonPro Cloud using built-in remote monitoring.
Enterprise 4300
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Improve Cell Coverage In Any Building.

With multi-tower targeting, XDR technology, remote monitoring, and other industry-first features, the Enterprise 4300 is the ideal choice for improving low-band 5G coverage in any building.

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Extend 5G

The Enterprise 4300 amplifies all low-band frequencies and strengthens aggregated LTE.

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Automate Monitoring

Remote management services are ready to go with built-in connectivity to WilsonPro Cloud.

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Scan Networks

Real-time measurements of cellular signal are updated automatically on the LCD touch screen.

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Optimize Coverage

The industry’s first repeater designed to efficiently amplify any network across a large space.

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Remote monitoring available with WilsonPro Cloud.

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