Pro IoT 2-Band

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  • 24 dBm max uplink

  • Up to 15 dB gain

  • 12” antenna and hardwire kits available

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Product Description

Pro IoT 2-Band

Ideal for custom-designed IoT communication systems built within tightly constrained spaces, the IoT 2-Band cell signal amplifier’s power and compact design make it a trustworthy “Direct-Connect” solution.

Compatible with Canadian carrier networks using Band 5 (850 MHz) and Band 25/2 (1900 MHz) and equipped with a formidable uplink power of up to 24.1 dBm and up to 15 dB max gain, the IoT 2-Band connects directly with cellular modems to help ensure strong, reliable connectivity in weak signal environments.

ISED-certified, the IoT 2-Band amplifier is ready to deploy by OEMs for use in a variety of cellular network capable equipment and IoT devices; such as vending machines, ATMs, security panels, and hotspots. In locations where cellular connectivity is adversely affected by distance to cell towers, terrain obstructions, or building materials (like concrete and steel), the IoT 2-Band is a proven go-to solution. 

In addition to the basic kit with Mini-Magnet antenna and A/C power supply, the IoT 2-Band is also offered in a 12” antenna kit as well as a hardwire kit with DC power supplied by a vehicle or similar power source.

The basic kit; ideal for ATMs, vending machines, or movie rental kiosks with access to AC power outlets.

The 12” antenna kit, pairing the IoT 2-Band amplifier with Wilson’s #1 selling oversized magnet antenna.

The hardwire kit with DC power supplied by a vehicle to amplify cell signal for an LTE-modem hotspot.

Made for 5G – WilsonPro’s customizable cellular signal repeater solutions support the latest in 5G technology. 

How it Works

Pro IoT 2-Band
Pro Signal 4G How it Works

The powerful antenna receives cellular signal and delivers it to the booster.


The booster amplifies the signal and serves as a relay between the cellular modem and the cell tower.


The cellular modem performs more efficiently as it feeds data to the booster and stays connected to the network.

Case Study

Why the Future of IoT Depends on Strong Cell Signal

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Key Features

  • 24 dBm maximum uplink power, 15 dB max system gain

  • Designed to link with a data modem as a direct-connect amplifier

  • Improves cellular connectivity in most weak signal environments 

  • Configurable to almost any Internet of Things (IoT) installation

  • Bi-directional amplification boosts signals to and from cell towers 

  • Auto-power control to help ensure maximum signal output 

  • Choice of Basic, 12” Antenna, or Hardwire Kit options

  • ISED-approved and compatible with Band 5 and Band 25/2

Ideal For

IOT/M2M Applications



FrequencyBand 5 850 MHzBand 25/2 1900 MHz
Max Gain15 dB
Max Uplink Power24 dBm
Max Downlink Power-3 dBm
Impedance50 Ohm
Power110/240Vac, 50Hz/60Hz, 5VDC-2A
ConnectorsSMA Female
Amplifier Dimensions0.75 x 1.75 x 4 in
Amplifier Weight0.175 lbs

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