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When it comes to building materials, metal and concrete definitely have their advantages.

Metal buildings require less repair and maintenance than comparable construction materials like wood or brick. Metal is also quite durable and capable of withstanding the elements – only adding to its overall longevity, structural integrity, and inherent appeal.

Likewise, concrete is resistant to the effects of water, wind, and fire. Because of its ability to retain heat, concrete also offers the advantage of energy efficiency, which increases its allure by helping to reduce heating and cooling costs. Coincidentally, metal and concrete also share the same distinct disadvantage – they adversely affect the transmission of cell signal.

Walls made of steel or aluminum are notorious for blocking wireless cellular signal.

boost signal in metal buildingsEven if a strong cell signal exists outside, you still might get little or no cell coverage indoors, regardless of the cell phone or mobile provider you use. Additionally, the industrial-strength concrete found in most modern buildings not only blocks cell signal but absorbs and reflects many of the radio frequency (RF) waves trying to get inside.

So, what can be done if the presence of these construction materials is causing your business to experience blocked cell signal and slow data? Here are three ways to boost cell signal coverage inside metal and concrete buildings.

1) Minimize interference with other electronic devices

One of the ways to boost cell signal inside a metal or concrete building is to reduce potential electromagnetic interference in the areas where you’re experiencing weak indoor cell signal coverage. To minimize electromagnetic interference inside your metal or concrete building, make an effort to keep Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices away from the areas where cellular devices are frequently used. 


2) Check the strength of the existing cell signal in your area

The quality and reliability of an in-building cell signal depends on the strength of an outdoor cell signal. The following apps and websites are available to help you check cell signal strength and find nearby cell towers:

  • OpenSignal, an app for both iPhones and Androids, doesn’t provide specific cell tower locations, but you can view signal maps to compare the performance of networks in your area and test the speed of your mobile or Wi-Fi connection.
  • CellMapper provides up-to-date information to find 4G towers near you and shows cell site locations for all major carriers. CellMapper also offers a free Android app that pinpoints the locations of nearby towers.
  • AntennaSearch shows all cell towers within a two-mile radius via Google Maps. It also serves as a cell reception website, so you can find out if your carrier has good or poor coverage in your area.
  • CellReception also displays nearby cell towers via Google Maps. With filtering capabilities, you can perform a carrier search and view only Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile cell tower locations.

These tools will help you track the quality of cell signal reception in your area and determine how it might be affecting your in-building coverage. If the quality is consistently low, you may want to consider switching mobile providers.

If you have minimized electromagnetic interference and checked signal strength but are still experiencing weak cell signal, there is a solution. Read on and find out what is the best way to get cell signal inside a metal building.

3) Install a cell phone signal booster for metal buildings

One of the most effective ways to boost cell signal in metal buildings is to install a cell signal amplifier system, like those offered by WilsonPro. Our industry-leading cell signal amplifiers support the needs of all businesses in all industries. In fact, our customized solutions have been successfully deployed in a variety of venues. Read some of our success stories to learn more:

  • Danone North America, a leading food and beverage company, chose a WilsonPro cellular amplifier system to dramatically improve cell signal in its 67,000-square foot facility. After the two-day installation period, employees were pleased with faster video streaming and enhanced cell phone reception throughout the building.Danone_facility_280x200
  • Facebook employees were frustrated with the weak and nonexistent cell signal in their metal-roofed warehouse in New Albany, Ohio. Illuminati Labs, a WilsonPro premier certified installer, designed a cellular connectivity solution; ending the employee ritual of always leaving the building to simply make calls and send texts on their cell phones.
  • CHOC Children’s Hospital doctors and administrators were frustrated with poor cellular signal in specific areas throughout their facility. With a WilsonPro customized cellular amplifier solution that aligned with their budget, staff and patients noticed a huge difference in cellular connectivity, which has contributed to better healthcare delivery.


WilsonPro professional-grade amplifiers immediately boost cell signal throughout buildings up to 100,000 square feet or more. Our solutions support multiple users and devices – including hotspots and cellular routers, which can also help improve your data speeds and call quality.

Why a WilsonPro system is the right solution for your business

WilsonPro is a trusted leader in cell signal amplification technology and an expert on how to boost cell signal in metal buildings, as well as structures built with steel, aluminum, concrete, and other construction materials. Why do so many businesses choose WilsonPro?

  • Experience. We understand the needs of businesses in all industries. Our custom-designed solutions have been installed in office complexes, colleges and universities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, warehouses, retail stores, and more.
  • Quality. WilsonPro technology is FCC-approved and carrier-agnostic, which means our products are compatible with all major U.S. carriers and mobile networks – including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and more.
  • Innovation. We are the innovator and sole provider of Multi-Tower Targeting Technology, making it possible to produce stronger cell signal amplification per carrier than our competitors, with a single amplifier.

The benefits of enhanced cell signal in your building can be enjoyed by employees, customers, and visitors alike. From an initial site survey and expert design assistance to the fast and highly cost-effective installation services offered by our nationwide installer network, WilsonPro is the ideal professional-grade solution provider to help your business overcome the challenges of getting strong, reliable cell signal inside its metal or concrete building.

To learn more about how to get cell signal in metal buildings, download the Definitive Guide to WilsonPro In-Building Cellular Amplifier Installation.

If you would like to schedule a demo and find out how WilsonPro solutions can improve cellular connectivity for your business, contact us today.