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How Commercial Signal Boosters Work

How Commercial Signal Boosters Work Diagram
  • 1

    External antenna is directed toward cell tower

  • 2

    Signal is sent to a booster system inside the building

  • 3

    Internal antennas bring boosted signal to the customer

  • 4

    System is then reversed back to the cell tower allowing for seamless communication

Get up to 32x stronger signal plus the most reliable coverage.

Competitive Comparison

WilsonPro 70 Plus CoverageBrand X Coverage

According to data from third party independent lab tests, Wilson Electronics in-building products provide up to 30 times more coverage area than any products offered by its closest competitor.

The tests were conducted by CKC laboratories of Brea, California, and Compliance Testing, LLC based in Mesa, Arizona. All tests occurred during the FCC certification process for each signal booster. The results are public record available at
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